Help with displaying temporal geometry that can be interacted with

I’m currently writing a script that splits a thin-walled brep into groups by tangency selection. Once the groups are made, the user is prompted to select either the internal, or external brep half.

The geometry makes it difficult to discern what the user is exactly selecting; so I wanted to introduce an interactive aid to the script that would colour-code a hovered geometry such as a brep, or possibly display a geometry element that hasn’t been added to the objects table yet to avoid clutter or having to delete this geometry at a later point.

I’m assuming that the later won’t be doable. But, is there a way to ‘select’ or ‘mark’ the first raycast geometry within the viewport so its properties can be altered, changing its colour, layer, without completely killing the rendering FPS? If not, how could I achieve a similar result using a DisplayConduit?

Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards,

  • Jose

Hi @Jose10
There are multiple solutions.
The easiest would be to use the “flash” method, which allows you to “flash” an object
This requires for the object to be present in the model.

Otherwise you could use a display conduit which will display an object without adding it to the object table

Hope this helps,