Help with display state, transparent surfaces and occluded curves?

curious if anyone has some tips to help make this display a little easier on the eyes to work with?

i need to rebuild these surfaces without the fillets, so far the best way i’ve found is to get intersection curves from infinite planes on surfaces. (any ideas on other approaches welcome too, i have to do this a lot, in fact 1/3 of my work time is taking filleted solids and getting rid of the fillets, VERY time consuming, but i don’t know anything better)

so here is my display i’m working in. is there a way to have the portions of the occluded (i think that’s the term) curves display different? or something to make this visually easier to work with?

Hello - Off hand, without seeing the actual situation, I’d work with UntrimBorder, ExtendSrf if needed, and if possible, CreateSolid at the end to do all the trimming.


sounds like i’m going about it right.

but what about the display? anyway i can get the parts of the curve that would be hidden if the front surface wasn’t transparent? something to help me see that

All I can suggest is to reduce the transparency in Ghosted somewhat.


cool. thank you.