Help with Data - Averaging to visualize


I am trying to visualize a set of data. Basically, I ran a simulation, hourly, for an entire year for a surface with 100 probes on it, so 8,760*100 = 87,600 values. I want to analyze specific months, i.e. months 1,2,3, for hours 9-17 each day of the month. So, 17-9 = 8hrs a day * 3mo = 810 values. Each probe then has 810 values, for a total of 8,100 values. I want to visualize all 8,100 values in one map, of an average for each probe.

Something like this:

Where each square, is the average value for the entire period (value / 810).

My problem is how to process the data to get this average.

Right now the data comes out of this component, as “Data as List”, a list of all the values structured with 100 branches representing each probe, and 810 values (hours) per probe.

I need to end up with (one) value per probe that represents the average for all the hours ,and then display that in the image above.

What is the best way to go about this, that is the least data intensive? Grasshopper crashes when I even try to load all of the values, due to “running out of memory”. I have 64GB of RAM, and 2TB free on my SSD, so not having space is not an issue for me… Grasshopper is just really un-optimized.