Help with auto import files into grasshopper and auto export measurements to excel (for example)

Hey all,

I need some help with the following project.

What i would like to do is the following.

  1. Automatically import scans in to rhino/grasshopper. These scans will have markerpoints. (see attached 3dm (this will normally be a *.obj))

  2. Do measurements based on algorythm. see attached (gh) i want the footlength to be written in a database.

  3. Write the results to ane xcel or other database like program (not sure which program is most suitable).

  4. move the measurent scan to another folder

  5. Start step 1

Voet met markers .3dm (1.3 MB)
Big data measurements discussion (13.8 KB)

I have the complete algorythm (for discussion sake i added a smal part of it) but i dont know how to automate the algorythm. Can you help me out with this?

Kind regards,

Reinder Weenink


Hi i am trying to do the same thing with the foot scans and having the same troubles.
I will be glad if we can talk, my email is