Help with a model


I use Rhino for architectural stuff since one year, so I don’t know almost anything about “organic” modeling.

Now, for a project I would need a 3Dmensional modelisation of the attached image (an arm with a hatchet. Not an extrusion but imagining from the image a “real” arm). It has to be very simple and “smooth” exactly like in the image (no additional details), and the hand should be a sort of a fire… I can handle the hatchet modelisation, but I really don’t know how to start with the arm / hand.

I’m here mainly to ask if there’s anybody capable of doing this modelisation for me…
As I need it for next monday, and I’m pretty stressed about it.

Thank you very much if you could…

Also attached an image of what I tried to do, but the result is not good and random, I can’t control those models.



Hello - I would do this using SubD surfaces - Rhino - SubD
It will take a bit of learning but I would say that is the best bet here.


Another tip to share > The conversion from 2D to 3D requires some finessing. For example, a graphic will have sharp edges. Those need to be rounded / filleted / softened when in 3D.

Why? Razor sharp points will break off in a prototype and are not manufacturing-friendly.

You might post a request here:

for someone to build this model for you.

But given your tight time frame:

I agree with Dave those sharp ends are a problem. Further a number of the elements of the image are not connected ; “floating in space” including the forearm arm / hatchet. Where the “wrist” articulates with posterior surface of the “hand” is just the apex of that sharp corner- another likely problem. Additionally, I do not get any sense of the dimensions of the model that you want.

Pascal uggests going a SubD route then it is extremely likely this is the way to go about it.

I am at the very beginning of learning SubD so I cannot help along these lines and maybe using SubD makes the following irrelevant but from a NURBS perspective (Maybe start with NURBS then convert to SubD ??):

  • If the size of the model is : “sufficiently” 3D large ( sorry but I cannot give you a good guess as to what those parameters might be with just what I see on screen).
    you might be able to get away with some pretty sharp edges. The skill / capabilities of your manufacture / printer / print service plays a major role here. So a discussion with these outside services if applicable seems warranted.

  • One way to anchor all of the “floating” and exact object interfaces is to use a back plate. As this seems to be a logo and you are an architect then the “back plate” might be the wall of a building.

If you can post the model / image you have so far you might me amazed by what this amazing forum does.

Thank you,


quick start:

  • vectorize (food for Rhino plugin by @dale)
  • extrude
  • quadremesh