Help with a company and bachelor thesis illustration

Wave dog bed.3dm (3.4 MB)


I am trying to create a dog bed in Rhinoceros for Mac, but I am a complete novice in this programme, so it is not really working out for me. The most important thing about the illustration is to depict the waved edge, as seen in the file. My problem is, that I do not know how to create “filling” for that edge. Right now, it is only a flat surface. I have high likely created the model in a weird way compared to how you pros would do it, so I would be extremely greatful if someone can explain to me, how it should be done, or if someone is kind enough to create the model for me. It does not have to be super fancy, just a rather simple depiction of the concept.
If possible, the concept should consist of:

  1. A two layer bed
  • Botttom is a square mattress covered in an outer material = a squarish more firmer look
  • Top layer is made of a soft and fluffy material. Can be vertical on the outer edge. Should be curved/rounded on the inner edge = the “pillow”
  1. The waved “pillow” edge
  2. An outer fabric material in a stylish grey or blue color.

The dimensions are not important, as long as it is a rectangular shape with the opening on one of the long sides, and the bottom has some relative height. I used 40x60cm and 15cm bottom height in the file.

I really hope someone is willing to help me out in ether way.

Kind regards

File doesn’t seem to be attached.

Oh you are right, thank you! It should be there now.

I should add, that I can use a file in Rhino for windows as well.

If I were doing this, I would start by defining the outside profiles as viewed from front/back, left/right and the plan from top.

In something like this, one would expect the side curves to be oriented at 90 degree angles from the plan, except at the corners where they would be 45 degrees (you can make the corners by intersecting the side curves). In your top view, you can see you have curves going in all directions.

You need to decide whether there should be a distinct break between the top and bottom or whether there should be continuous curves.

You may want to build the top to have an event height then trim it down to the curves, rather that trying to make the curves at the start. This might be the “waved” wedge you are referring to.