Help will not open

Yes I am still using Rhino 5. I use it mainly for personal projects around the property and have no need to upgrade. Yesterday when I clicked help it would not open. Any help on the problem would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance Danny

does hitting f1 bring it up?

No, it does nothing happens the same with clicking the help button. When I click may layers window disappears until I click the desktop.

may be worth doing a repair on your install-

do this from the add remove programs control panel- (assuming you are using a pc)

Kyle that was my next plan. Had some other problems awhile back ran repair it did not help. As a last resort I may have to redo my whole computer and reinstall everything. Thank you for getting back to me. Daniel

let us know if you get stuck and need some more help-

email us at for direct support.

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Thank you very much.