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Hey, can anyone help me with this design? I would like to increase the spacing between the rectangles horizontally and erase the rectangles that are too small

Captura de tela 2021-10-11 151438painel.p3b.11.10.semipronto.3dm (32.0 KB) (15.0 KB)


Attractor is just a fancy name given to making something depend on something else. In most cases some value (for example a rotation angle, a radius, etc.) depends on the distance to a point. The smaller the distance, the larger the radius for example.

There is no ‘attractor’ component. What is used instead is Distance component to measure the distance from Points A to Point B (the attractor) and use these values as factors to multiply your rectangle dimensions. Another option is to remapp the distance value an use those as dimensions for rectangles.

It is not clear what you are trying to do. You do not explain how you want your rectangles to vary.

Also, please upload your definition instead of a screenshot :upside_down_face:

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As Shynn said.

For a given object of yours in your collection (List/Tree)… some hints:

  1. You can control the probability to appear according a distance interpretation mode (i.e. push/pull, so to speak) to an attractor List (general case) or a single attractor.
  2. You can modify it (for instance Rotate/Scale etc) according … see above.
  3. You can influence the “randomness” (say: Length for this case). Meaning that you can have “spots” of smaller/larger Lengths etc etc

BTW: Before all that search this (and the old/dead Forum). There’s tons of cases related with attractor “effects” on things.

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Deaf ears eh? he, he. Where’s your file? It’s most unlikely that anyone could help you without attaching something (an Image is nothing while something is something).

So … in the mean time … get the attached that IS NOT suitable for you: is just (a) for fun (b) to indicate some stuff related with attractors. (136.1 KB)

  1. The 1st part outputs attractors (a Point3d List) that either you provide or are created along the demo paths (curves) acc the at List values.

  2. The 2nd part is using items sampled in a DataTree of a freaky GeometryBase Type (this can contain Points, Curves, Breps, Meshes and some other types). Then using a BoundingBox (if the item is not a Point) gets the center and calculates the distances (see options) VS the points in the attractor List. Then starts asking questions (see options) and either gets the item in a new collection or not.

So is a post engineering “display filter” thingy (thus a bit useless) but this kind of logic is used at item creation time (in the normal workflow).

Moral: forget that, attach your stuff.

it´s already attached, no need to be rude dude

Thank you! It´s my first time using Grasshopper and i am suffering haha I already managed my rectangles to vary but I would like to increase the spacing between the rectangles horizontally and erase the rectangles that are too small

Well … it was 100% invisible to me (no idea why).

No problem! I attached this morning. It’s my first time using grasshopper so i’m still lost

Get this (and later on I’ll convert the last freaky part to something more palatable for a novice). (16.9 KB)

BTW: If the target is a nurbs Surface (or a BrepFace) this def is more or less useless.

He’s not a rude dude, in fact when you will search the forum on his help/contributions alone, you will have days, weeks if not months of reading and learning ahead of you :wink:

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OMG Thank you so much!! This is really helpful!!

Added the last thing required (22.8 KB)

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!! The design is so much better now! This was really helpful, especially for someone who is just starting grasshopper like me! Thanks again :smile:

The latest version of the panels is attached, if anyone is interested in seeing how it looks or using it in a project (all that remains to do is cut the panel into smaller modules to facilitate installation): (21.2 KB)
painel.p3b.13.10.3dm (33.4 KB)

The latest (and “greatest”) version is kinda Windows: more complexity, slower and working based on Karma (and hope that dies last).

Here’s the new thing: (25.0 KB)

Moral: Karma