Help uninstalling VRay....COMPLETELY!

No matter what I do, I cannot uninstall VRay and all its Wibukey components. I uninstalled but Wibukey keeps running and Vray toolbars won’t go away.

This is crucial because I need to install a clean licensed version. My Rhino is legal and licensed BUT I was given, what I was told was a “free student version” of Vray from a classmate. It turned out to be a cracked version and I don’t want it or any of its components on my PC.

Chaos Group will not help because of their policies against piracy. I understand their position, more or less, but for Christ’s sake, not everyone is out to pirate their software and sometimes things like this do happen.

I am an architecture student, I run Vray on our school computers and I am going to buy VRay student license as soon as I can get rid of all the junk files that won’t allow me to do a clean install. I don’t run cracked software EVER, for the sole reason that it comes loaded with viruses, bugs and the like. Not to mention that Rhino Student is reasonably priced and we get many programs for free at school.

Because of Chaos Group’s attitude, I would like to tell them to go F— themselves, but I have no choice because VRay is the only render engine I know and I need it to complete my Master’s thesis project. I’m in a serious pinch.

Please help!

I haven’t used this product in awhile but a ways back I used it regularly and it seemed to do a good job. The free version is what you want -