HELP! Uninstalling the Rhino 8 WIP broke Rhino 7

A couple of Food4Rhino downloads that use the package manager kept trying to open the Rhino 8 WIP, and since I haven’t used the WIP much, I decided to uninstall it.

Now Rhino 7 won’t open at all. I tried repairing the installation of Rhino 7 and that won’t work either. In the middle of the repair process, it prompts me to locate and open a file called “bootstrapper”, but after I do that, the repair fails because of missing content the installer tells me I need to download (how, though?).

Since I had been using the Service Release Updates, I can’t just download the latest full version of Rhino offered on the Rhino3d website and do an update install because what’s on the site is an earlier version of what I had.

If I have to uninstall Rhino 7 and do a clean install, I may have issues with plugin license keys that may not have been released.

This is a mess. I’m positive I didn’t do anything unusual with my installations.

Please advise on what I might be able to do? Is there a version of the service release somewhere that I can download?

Update: it appears that my aborted attempt to use Repair ended up doing enough to get Rhino 7 working again. I’m still baffled as to why the Rhino 8 uninstall affected Rhino 7. Also confused as to why the package manager download (of Crane) from Food4Rhino would try to use the WIP instead of Rhino 7 as it’s target. After uninstalling 8, the package manager then failed when I attempted to do it with only Rhino 7 installed.

Hi Max -

I see that the description on F4R could be better but if you are manually downloading from F4R, you should use the latest version - “Crane Ver.0.20”. This will download a zip file that you have to deal with as specified in the “How to Install Crane” section on the page.
To download and install with the Package Manager, run the PackageManager command in Rhino and search for “Crane”.

Are you running the Package Manager in Rhino 7 at that point? If not, what error do you get?