Help: Trying to recreate "obj/fbx/stl etc" environment

@wim and @pascal and others I have an odd request.
I need to recreate the environment Rhino makes when a non-3dm file is opened…
(I’ll explain it very basic in case someone else wants to have a go too)

We are working on making a display mode to highlight surface structure variations of surfaces. So one of the best results we have gotten that is fast to do is OPEN the STL and turn on skylight:

And we get this result:

Try this:
Now, try the Reset To Defaults and recreate the look.

This is after reset:

This is the same look as if we import a file into Rhino, so how can we now achieve the first look with darker shadows? I have not found the solution to this and I would love to figure it out. (I see that TestShowShadowmap yields a similar result, but I don’t want to rely on test commands both for reliability and for not being autocompleting commands)

I made a test file for you, as an fbx to imitate the situation of dealing with STL’s) this is a low quality recreation done through multiple steps to avoid issues with not being able to share the actual scan.
Viking WoodCarve very low quality.fbx (1.8 MB)

I tried changing the Environment to Haleakala (at 2.3 intensity) too and this is from the default fbx:

And this after the reset:

Hi Jorgen - Hm… just shooting from the hip here, but - Opening will use the same file (I believe) as No Template - you might test that - copy and paste the geometry into a new file started with No Template and see - however, I do not know what that means in terms of the display ssettings- if that in fact ‘works’ then it seems like a bug to me…