Help, trying to manipulate the caps of surfaces (buildings) in my model

I am having trouble manipulating the caps of the surfaces to resemble the shapes of the roof lines for the area I am modeling. They have several different shapes, and although they don’t need to be perfect (the outlines themselves are estimations, and some of the extrusions will still need to be edited) but even the two I started with I got there in different ways and I cant replicate what I did. I have a large area so I am looking for the most efficient way to do these manipulations. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hello. I would suggest drawing out the contours of the roof with lines, then using the _SplitFace - Curves and raising the resulting edges to the desired height.

The polylines I make on the surface are not allowing me to edit the surface with them. The surfaces are moving as a whole rather than allowing me to manipulate attributes of them

I tried to make a video but may have over-did it on the compression.

To select either a surface, one of it’s edges, or one of it’s vertices, you need to do CTRL+SHIFT+Click. From there you’ll be able to manipulate just about anything you might need to.

The video attached is by no means the only (or best) way to achieve your goal but it’s quick and easy for a relative beginner like me :slight_smile: .

Hi! The command ExtrudeSrf with option Solid=on might also help. Lets you extrude (or ‘intrude’, with booleans) faces that you created with SplitFace beforehand.

And because I see you using GoogleMaps 3d as a reference: there’s a way to download the 3d data, textures included:

Just in case you didn’t know. I use it frequently, for this kind of work. Import the 3d data, then work in top of it.

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