(Help) Trying to blend corner of ring into band

ring.3dm (4.6 MB)


I’m trying to blend the corners of this design into the circular band to make it seamless (when I cast it in metal it has an unsightly sharp corner). Any advice would be much appreciated. I’ve included a sketch illustrating what I’m trying to do

Hello - so, what happens, here, exactly?


it looks like you want the round to dissolve into the hard edged detail somehow but it is not clear what the intent is right there - If you can decide what that transition should look like it will be a lot easier to see how to model it.

My guess is you want to start with something a little cleaner, maybe like this, where the thickness and band thinckness match up:

Then clean the ‘corners’, correct?


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YES!!! How did you do that?

Hello - it’s a bit of fiddling but it starts with making the band thickness and the detail thickness the same and positioning them so that they correspond cleanly like in my top image. What you have is this:

I’ll upload my file and you can see how it is constructed - it is a little late to write up a blow by blow but I can do that later.

ring (3)_Maybe.3dm (765.2 KB)


Hi Pascal,

Thanks so much for your help. Could you please tell me how you did it so that I can copy it on the other side?