(HELP) Triangular ETFE Membrane

I’m doing a project which with a ETFE skylight. I’m trying to use Kiwi!3D to find the form of the membrane, but the result doesn’t accord to the property of ETFE. To be specific, the section should be like ETFE%20Section . But my section is like

Is t<a class=“attachment”
here anything wrong with my script? ETFE.3dm (705.8 KB)
Kiwi3D_ETFE.gh (14.2 KB)

always use the load type “Pres_FL” when form finding with pressure-loads (see script attached), however the form found shape will not looking much different, which is due to triangualer configuration of the edges and the chosen cutting plane location.
If you would cut through a form found cushion with rectangular edges in 45deg angle to one of the corners, you would see the same section as showed in your picture, whereas, if you rotate the clipping plane on your example by 90deg you will end up with something similar to your reference…
Kiwi3D_ETFE_mod.gh (13.3 KB)

Thank you very much!