Help toolbar search won't accept more than one character

When using help toolbar search box it won’t let me consequtively enter more than one character as when I enter second character a window “error” sound plays and then I need to select the search bar yet again for the next char. What has happened

Hi Zhan - are you referring to the Autocomplete at the command line? What version of Windows are you running?


Well no theres help toolbar- manual/guide- that newbies would use, and upon choosing the text search box it won’t accept another command (delete/ key input). I suspect what happened is that I chose some weird ass tool and it interfered, so FYI press ESC. I’m now trying spaceclaim from ANSYS but not having any luck making a helix that yaws: square shaped helix but so that the square for example aligns with the conical shape of helix (is diagonal).

Ah, OK- that rings a bell, I’ll see if I can recall what the solution to that is, I think there is one… Meantime, did I guess correctly at the geometry you’re after?

SquareTaperedSkewedHelix.3dm (380.1 KB)


Something that would resemble this meaning that it’s a helix that has blades blowing inside of it’s shape and thus it blades should have like an angle to them other than 90 or 180.