Help text huge?

@margaret, @stevebaer

On my computer, the help text is absolutely huge compared to the rest of Rhino. It is also huge in my web browser on the same computer. I wonder if this is something that needs to be fixed in the WebBrowser control in Rhino, or if the help needs to be published with smaller fonts?

Have you tried scrolling in/out with your scroll wheel? Just guessing at
the moment.

No. It’s just the default zoom level. It seems to have gotten bigger
recently - did something change about the way it is published?

Not that I know of. I didn’t change anything.

I highly doubt it if you are seeing the same big text when you browse to the page in chrome.

If you look at the original screen shot again, you’ll see that I have Chrome right next to the help context tab. The huge text exists in both browsers. It’s not just Rhino that makes it big.

Guess I wasn’t clear… That was what I was trying to say :smile:

I use these browser zoom shortcuts, so see if they help:

  • CTRL - (minus) Zoom Out
  • CTRL + (plus) Zoom In
  • CTRL 0 (zero) Zoom back to original

@schultzeworks, does the help look overly large to you by default?

I know that each user all over the world could zoom to make the text a reasonable size. I think it’d be nicer if Rhino showed the text the right size by itself. As it stands, the title on the help bar appears to be is the most important UI element by far on the screen. I’m not sure that it is. I don’t think that it is.

Ah, I missed the “it if” for some reason and read “I highly doubt you are…” I guess I need to slow down a bit :wink:

Hey Brian
I just checked. My command help body-text seems to be about the same size as the text everywhere else … or within 1 pt.

But, the CTRL+ and CTRL- will make all of the command help text zoom in and out (get larger & smaller) easily. I do this accidentally with my internet browser fairly regularly, so I figured out these shortcuts long ago.

Also, in a browser, the scroll wheel just moves the page content up and down. I have to use CTRL+SCROLL to get a zooming effect. Again, this is another thing I do by accident. So watch out!

Thanks for checking. I wonder if this is because I’m running on a pretty high-res screen. The browsers may be showing the text size larger in that case… and perhaps it’s the rest of Rhino that is too small :slight_smile: