Help subdividing Crvs

Hello guys,
I’m trying to create a more automatic way to build Calligraphic Logo.

The task is to subdivide the 2 crvs in a well proportioned way.

I’m using the ClosestPtonCrv to do this and it works well until were the crvs are overlappipng .
In this area the closest point could be on the wrong side.

There’s anyone with a clever solution? Maybe not involving Kangaroo?

A.3dm (445.5 KB)

This is kind of pretty and almost works but is not automatic (the text panel input to Cull Index is created by hand) and flawed, as there is a small overlap in the blue diamond shape area adjacent to the red loop near the bottom. Curves are internalized, no need for Rhino file. (24.3 KB)

Happy winter solstice everyone.

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what do you mean with “proportioned” ? (18.0 KB)


Thanks, I’ll look into asap.

Proportioned means the subdivision should be as perpendicular as possible

@inno, that’s a very fine piece of curve splitting work! The output is well organized so I played with it a bit but wasn’t able to derive surfaces from all of the sections. Some worked, some didn’t.

@skysurfer, the problem is a difficult one, which is why Tween Curve and other tricks fail. Your curves could use some work to make them “fair” but that’s not the main problem.

Here’s another play at deriving a polysurface between the curves that is fully automatic and leaves no overlapping fragments. (31.6 KB)

This version is slightly more robust? In the previous version, Cull Index with 0 and -1 index values was there to ignore the first and last points, which might be projected onto the large surrounding surface (circled below), preventing it from being culled. If the HFrames ‘N’ (Count) value were higher or the two curves create a more angled end, it’s possible that more than one projected point would miss the surface fragments we want to keep.


Instead, this version uses Shift List with ‘W’ (Wrap) inverted (False) to ignore the big surrounding surface from consideration, assuming it’s always the first result from SrfSplit (?). Then Project ‘I’ (Index) returns -1 for any points that fail to find a target so List Item ‘W’ (Wrap) is inverted (False) to ignore those. That explains why it’s orange. (34.1 KB)

NOTE: If the HFrames ‘N’ (Count) value is too low, this will fail.

By the way, the results from SrfSplit are rather jagged and nothing I’ve tried prevents that?

Thanks @Joseph_Oster and @inno,
your solutions were very inspiring but I’m still struggling with it.
I’ve done it by hand because I haven’t time to improve my definition. I’ll finish during the holidays.

Best wishes to all.