Help!, Strange reaction of GH_FileWatcher to detect update

I used GH_FileWatcher to detect file update, but got some strange reactions.
After changing contents of specific file one time, then C# scripts detect many changed even though i change only one time. I’d like to get output from C# scripts one time against to the one change of a file.
Do you have any idea? Best regards. (4.7 KB)

Have you ever found a solution? I think there are still too many filewatchers being created in the background (the watchers list you output from the component is a local list, the clearing of the list in the before run doesn’t seem to remove the actual watchers). But I have no idea where to check for the current filewatchers.

Answering my own question, the watchers need to be disposed…

    foreach (GH_FileWatcher watcher in watchers){

Alright, this didn’t completely fix it. Is there a way to list all active GH_FileWatchers?