Help solving Skew with Curve Offset

Hi, I’m trying to model a series of ribbons in which the surface is lofted from two curves, where one of the curves is offset from the original and then stretched vertically.
My problem is that when I offset the second curve, the points along that curve seem to have been moved/skewed along the curve itself. This is more inconvenient as I later want to generate lines between the points to illustrate a supporting frame.

Can anyone help? See 3.1_CladdingModel.3dm (232.9 KB) (31.2 KB) attached for reference. Thanks!

You can try with Shift List

Thanks Jakinta, but that’s not quite what I was after. Principally when I offset the curve, it appears that the points along the curve have moved along. I need them to be running parallel.

Any other help is also very welcome!

You may want to align the Curve seams:

Pufferfish has a good component for this called “Align curve seams” (as I have used). Though you could also do it with native GH components. (35.0 KB)

Ok, will Curve Closest Point help then?

The problem from the beginning

From this step use Curve closest point as Jakinta suggest, than use Interpolate curve for both of them or Nurbs curve , don’t use one Interpolate and the second Nurbs to avoid sim problem (16.5 KB)

Thanks all, this has been of great help.

Wondering if you could help me again - I’m trying to replicate the same effect around a smaller perimeter, but appear to have a strange inversion happening on some of the corners. Any ideas on how to solve?

I’ve re-attached the files.

3.1_CladdingModel.3dm (613.8 KB) (51.6 KB)

Firstly, your division count for upper part forRandom is 39, not 50.
And you can use Loft by using your frames like this. (61.5 KB)


You don’t need copy the same code many times

CladdingProgramming (2).gh (13.7 KB)


Thanks again, all.