Help! Slicing the Model for lasercutting

Hi, I am new in here, I hope you can help please. I have a brep to be contoured and then the curves spread across the board for lasercutting, however i get an error, i cannot fix. please advise, i can send file too.

  1. Data conversion failed from Curve to Brep

Thank you (171.4 KB)
lasercut.3dm (1.1 MB)

You don’t have to use “Unroll Brep” method for this. Try “Orient” instead… (474.4 KB)


Another option can be to use the nesting component from generation, although as it computes the nesting algorithm it can be quite slow, (290.3 KB)

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Thank you a lot. :wink:
Both worked very there a way for example rotate the slice axis by 90degrees? Just trying to figure out the possibilities.

Thank you

Hi, wonder why this geometry wouldnt work?
Please advise, same issue what script wouldnt read the geometry (146.6 KB)
rhino file :

trying to fit the pieces on one 590mm x 385 mm sheet 3mm deep. need to have them numbered in sections or so so little pieces dont get lost.

please advise? below files. thank you