Help: Running Python feedback slowness

There is one thing I have always wondered, why is Python so extremely slow in feedbacking while running?

Here is an example:

I run a script that does a job on 132 objects and with no redraw after each object I obviously get the best score:
Calculating 132 objects took 2.3 seconds

But if I do a quick redraw after each object then It takes 10x longer:
Calculating 132 objects took 24.4 seconds

This is just drawing one frame to show the progress from each object, so why is that so slow?
Even at 60 fps it “should only” take another 2 seconds, not 22. Or am I missing something?

I just did a test with testmaxspeed and saw that Rhino actually limited itself to 60fps so I went into the nvidia drivers and found:
VSync was sat to “Use program settings” and
"Rhinoceros" in the program list was sat to Vsync = OFF

But still it was using vertical syncronization…

So I sat VSync from “Use program settings” to “OFF”.

That gave a much better testmaxspeed score and the script ran in 18.3 seconds.
Calculating 132 objects took 18.3 seconds

That’s cutting 6 seconds off, but still slow though.

None the less, I guess you should check if others also get the Vsync = On even though the settings are “Off” for the “Rhinoceros” in the nvidia driver.