Help rounding perimeter of surface form

Hi all,
Learning Rhino bit by bit so pardon if this is an obvious question.I have built a flower-like surface that I am trying to create a rounded return on similar to the attached sketched profile. This would be swept around an organically shaped curve. I tried to do a sweep but it’s looking more like a pipe in some areas and not a blended transition from the surface form. Any suggestions or tutorial references are greatly appreciated.
Screenshot 2024-01-16 220627

While you bone up on learning Rhino/nurbs basics, be sure to start working on learning Subd modeling in Rhino. It has become a major time saver for certain types of shapes and geometry and you should NOT ‘leave it til later’ to start figuring out how to work with them. They allow super fluid, super fast and fun modeling.
Your flower/leaf shape above could be a fun Subd, example of basic shape here:

Try making that 3rd shape with standard nurbs in the 60 seconds it took me with subds, not gonna happen!

As for your original question, be sure to hit up the rhino help, its one of the best software help documents ever created for a cad program, IMHO. I taught myself Rhino years ago by ingesting and digesting that thing as much as I could.


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Hello- please post your surface and curve.