Help– Rotating alternate blocks within a grid

Hi, I’m extremely new to grasshopper and have been losing my mind trying to figure this out-
I’m trying to create an auxetic pattern using pentagons, and this is what i want it to look like:

So I created the first component, and created a grid but cant figure out how to rotate every second block– as in like a chess board

Any help would be appreciated! (13.3 KB)

To create a pattern like this, I think simpler would be to identify the simplest translational unit, then array that along 2 vectors

This is exactly what i was hoping to do, thank you! but are those components part of a plugin? i dont seem to have them. Sorry, I’m totally new to this and have no idea how to navigate the software :grimacing:

Those are all standard components.
‘Linear Array’ can be found under Transform>Array.
The inputs are Vectors and Curves, found under Params>Geometry

Was stuck with the linear array– Found it, thank you so much!