Help - rhino too slow

Hi everyone
I’m working on a project and suddenly my file is too slow. I get the file not responding warning all the time but it always comes back but it takes 1 or 2
Minutes and it happens all the time. I also use vray and it takes so long to start rendering, it renders fast though. My render settings are ok nothing too crazy. I imported some furniture from 3dwarehouse and everything is linked. I also joined all the surfaces of the furniture that I had exploded to edit. It is still slow I don’t know what to do anymore…let me know if anyone knows hot to fix this. My computer is very good and my file is around 8000 kb so
i dont know what is going on

The first thing I would do is open the Task manager to see what is taking up my resources to make sure it is not something unrelated to Rhino. After that I would start Rhino in safe mode (maybe only with Toolbars.rhp) from the Start menu, and open my working file. I would decline loading plug-ins. If Rhino is getting slow again, than something is wrong with my file or Rhino itself. Otherwise I would load plug-ins I use one by one until it slows down again. The last plug-in loaded is the culprit.