Help: rhino modelling to maxsurf, problem with surfaces (willing to pay a little)

Hello, first of all sorry for my English but I’ll try to do my best.

I’m not sure if i should post it here or in a Maxsurf forum but I’m having problems to export a hull from rhinoceros to maxsurf. I’ve tried to do the surface with "loft"and “surface from network of curves” but I always get the same result. I’ve also tried to rebuld the curves of the model in order to use lees control points but it’s the same.
I’m having the next error but i dont have any curves on the model (I’ve tried deleting everything excepting the surface)

I need to do it for the whole hull, the image it’s a secondary test with just an “earier” part of it.
I’m modeling on Rhino5 and exporting it to Maxsurf as an IGS file, because if I try to import it as a Rhino file I lost most of the surfaces

I’ll really appreciate your help and as I said before im willing to pay a little because its urgent for me.

Find a simpler version of the Rhino and the IGS file attached.

maxsurf3.igs (1.3 MB) maxsurf4.3dm (787.5 KB)

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Welcome @educuestade
Suggest you start here

Thank you, I’ll review my post and complete it with all the needed information.

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Did you follow the procedure on page 324 of the current Modeler manual (MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V21) and subsequent notes?

Importing Rhino .3dm files
To import NURB surfaces into Modeler, you can use the Import | Rhino .3dm file command from the File menu.

The curves you are using are not curves. They are a series of degree 1 polylines. At each point there is a hard corner and each segment of the line is straight.

Those curves need to be rebuilt to actual curves.

I might look at this tutorial: Rhinoceros Report: Powerful Ship Hull Design in Rhino with Rapid Hull Modeling Methodology

When the surface looks like this after lofting, the original curves are not fair:

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Another option is to pay for Orca3d and see if that works for the calculation you need. They have good student pricing:

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I’ve try replacing the surfaces (using loft with the loose option in instead of tight) but i get the same result (not as bad as before but the same). And the problem that I find using the loose option is that some surfaces in the bow (as it a more complex part) have a small gap between them.

Yes. But the original curves and not good. They are polygonal, not smooth. The curves need to bit interpolated to true NURBS curve. Leaving the loft command to guess at the result is not going to result in what you want. Also I would guess there are more curves then you need.

Where do these original curves come from?

I got them from a pdf file, is there an option to build a NURBS curve from these polygonal curves? In order to not do it again and have the same geometry. Thank you.

I guess it really depends on how accurate you needs to be.

Generally it is using the interpolate curve command. But fairing takes a bit more work. The attached PDF talks about the fairing techniques you can use.
fairing.pdf (165.6 KB)

Also, have you watched Rapid hull modeling from earlier in the post? There are many techniques that they use that will help. Here are more guides that can help:

Also know that the reason all this geometry work is necessary is because MaxSurf has a very limited surface definition. There are many threads on the MaxSurf forums about this challenge. What do you actually need MaxSurf for?


HI there… Its too late for this post… Incase you find issues, ill am ready to help out by making hull surfaces which you can use it in you maxsurf.