(HELP) Ray tracing not working for all my surfaces

Hi all, this might be a stupid problem, but I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’m doing Ray tracing for a project at work and I have everything set up in Grasshopper for Ray tracing but for some reason it’s only working in some specific surfaces and not for the rest of them despite the fact that some of them are located in the same working plane and only a few meters apart from each other. I set a "Point component at the end of the BouncePts section of the Raytracing Component and I’m getting points for all the surfaces I add but only Bounces in a few of them. Below you have an image of the code in Grasshopper.

I’m also attaching the file from Grasshopper.
2186-01 RAY TRACING.gh (386.4 KB)

For the model and the weather file click in the link below

I would appreciate if someone could have a look at it and let me know what is going on.


You could use some cloud sharing link for the big files, unless it’s confidential data, but you didn’t say it is, so…

There is separate forum dedicated to lb/hb https://discourse.ladybug.tools

Hi Ivelin,

Thanks for replying, I hadn’t thought about that. You can find a share link below containing the model and the weather file, It’s in google drive.



You need to send an email to someone. Don‘t remember where it was written, maybe on the old ladybug group at grasshopper3d.com

We can ask @Mostapha

Hi Wim,

I was thinking about Mostapha also

I just saw how to gain access to LB/HB forum

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