Help please

hello, i would like to learn rhino on my own, what do you think? in jewelry more precisely … there is training in my school but it is super expensive € 19,000, I would like to have your opinion and if you have any advice for me, thank you.


There are many great, free resources to learn Rhino. There’s really no need to spend €19K, just a lot of your free time. :wink:

I’d simply start with a not too ambitious project and try to finish that. If you don’t know how to proceed at some point, you can ask here in the forums.
After that iteratively increment the difficulty of your projects. With the right amount of training, you’ll become accustomed to Rhino fairly quickly.

You can also check out other content on YouTube or Vimeo that’s not listed on the McNeel site. There’s great stuff out there. I did some workshops in the past, and honestly most are not really worth the money. Some of the free content is even better!

I get that you want to focus on jewellery design, but I’d try to model all kinds of things. I’m an architect but I did many different models back in the day to learn poly and nurbs modelling.

If you run out of ideas, simply try to replicate something (coffee machine, fork, external hard-drive, pen, smartphone, ruler, etc.) from your immediate environment.