Help please with texture issue, going mad!

why does this stuff always happen when I have a deadline!

real simple stuff… have applied texture to object, why is it not showing and also not them coming across to keyshot… aaaaahhhhhhhhtexture.3dm|attachment (2.0 MB)huddle-seat

texture.3dm (2.0 MB)

You set the mapping it to “Environment map”. Maybe choose “Mapping Channel” and set it to e. g. “Box” in the Propertiers -> texture mapping -> Window.

this has not helped… there must be something weird with geometry… should show texture in rendered viewport???

But that’s not a nice looking mapping, just something to start with.
Maybe “unwrap” is a better Solution, but I’m not an expert with that stuff.

it doesnt have to be pretty i just need to understand why the texture is not showing up for me??
what did you change to get it to shopw in th viewport?

normally i just add a texture to the object and it appears in the viewport, this then comes across into keyshot and and sort mapping there

after “mapping channel” I did:

  1. apply box mapping (when prompted on the commandline I choosed “bounding box”)
  2. (here again you can set the mapping widget to be the bounding box of the object)
  3. repeat the texture to become smaller.

thanks but you missing my point… i dont normally have to do that…

i will make this real simple. see new .3dm file. i just created a box and applied texture via the material tab. and it appears in viewport. but the other object also has same texture but it does not appear.texture.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello - where does the mesh come from? Is it made from a Rhino surface model? It does not have texture coordinates.
Here is a version with TCs assigned - not likely what you’re after as an arrangement but just by way of example, The ends are separated and have planar mapping the seat has mapping from the surface object that is hidden, applied as a custom mapping object.
texture _ mapped.3dm (1.4 MB)


thanks, downloaded from furniture company. just wanted to understand why this was such an issue… i usually just apply texture via material in rhino then sort out mapping in Keyshot as so much easier.

anyway no worries, I will do it the hard way!

It’s because… you have a deadline! :upside_down_face:

// Rolf

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