HELP PLEASE I cannot extrude my curve

I would like to know why the command will not extrude by curve and can only produce “undesirable results”? Is there a way to merge or combine my line segments into one curve?

What is wrong? And how can I extrude my curve without errors?

Without the file, Its impossible to say, but my guess is your polycurve has segments that double back over itself.

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Is there no possible way to merge the segments into one line and then extrude it?

Or is there a way that you can merge surfaces together into one surface? I believe if I have that answer, I could solve my problem.

Try MergeAllCoplanarFaces
if they are fully flat they should merge


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If you have a closed loop try using the CurveBoolean to create a new curve without the overlaps. Depending on the how big the overlap is you might be able to spot them by turning on the endpoints.

^ to combine all these planar surfaces which command should I use??
option 1
option 2
option 2

Yes MergeAllFaces

But it can only merge the faces that are CoPlaner = fully flat