Help please find a solution for definition

I’m trying to repeat this result, please help me find the solution definition.

I am very grateful for the help in this topic Determine the component by screenshot.
But I could not find a solution to the definition on the basis of the proposed solution in this topic in something similar. (18.7 KB)

To create a surface, I tried to connect the grid to a specific curve.

The curves are different.


Component Explode not give the correct result.

Matthew Shlian’s work seems attractive to many. Multiple related threads can be found here in this discourse.
Have a look at this or that thread…
Ironically, however, Matthew Shlian does not seem to use any parametric software. His answer to the related question is:
“I’m not interested in parametric software. Please stop emailing me about it”. (18.1 KB)

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I didn’t look at your definition, it seems that it looks to Kim definition. Just to play with the beatiful work of (583.1 KB)


Thank you, it’s amazing (27.2 KB)

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Thank you! (29.3 KB)

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How can I use your formula to change it into waves like this picture