HELP : Placing multiple object in defined area

I just stated develop this gh file to place multiple shape inside defined curve, which is a site.
(It could be develop to be some generative planning, for example parking lot placing)

Now I have few question . . .

  1. According to my gh, I use rectangular grid to define points inside big rectangle (site). But what I found is my object use its center to place itself with points, so some of them will be out of the site (as it pointed in picture) Are there any method I could use instead of rect grid to place objects inside the area??

  2. Now i’m using gene pool to assign multiple object into site. Is it suit for what I want? Or Are there any other components I could use to place multiple object to be independent from each other?

  3. According to 2nd Question, If I use gene pool, How can I guide them to place my object next to each other like array component? (In case I want it to be a parking lot plan) Is it can control with python script or some math component?

Thanks you for advise! (19.9 KB)
Placing mock.3dm (26.1 KB)