Help Parametric design Singapore Minju Park

Hello everyone! I’m new into grasshopper world and would really need some help. I’m trying to replicate a facade sistem like the “Minju Park of Singapore (Gardens by the bay)”. Does anyone now how to write this sistem adatable on other surface?


you may search for fractals. But its not necessary one. There are many ways to do that. You can build it 2d and use surface/box to surface morph. The Rhino equivalent is _flowAlongSrf. But please don‘t post pictures and expect functional scripts in return.

Thankyou Tom!
I’m sorry for the way i asked it, i didn’t want a functional script in return, but some advices like u gave me. I don’t know if i can delete this post

Don’t delete your post, it is quite interesting. I also found these geometries awesome. I don’t think it is fractals.
When you want to recreate something, seek for the patterns, the models … Here I see some quite vertical “lines” (one full lenght, one shortest …) and shortest walk curves merging on each “line”.

So points are affected on each lines and are used in combination to shortest walk. Look at example of that, there are many of them on old forum
See the component here

Thankyou very much Laurent!!
I’ll see some example in the old forum

I quite got what i wanted, but i have some problem of overlapping branches, and if I explode the geometry after “shortest walk” i would lost the increasing of pipes’ radius. May you know how to fix it?

It is never easy to give an answer on a screen capture. Extract the script and (part of) data and post that.

Sorry Laurent, and thanks for the interesting!
Facade (186.1 KB)

I would strongly suggest plain recursion on proximity (use Point3dList). See it working on 3d (not surface) rnd pts.