Help on Modeling transition

Hello Rhino World.

Wonder if any one could help me here… I have some complex transition to fill with any posibility tool option. Unfortunately my expertise dont let me yet to close that surface gap.

Please, see atached file:
Correct FILLET TABLE - DELETE.3dm (4.5 MB)

Hi Architex - Patch does an amazingly good job on this case

Hide all the curves, MergeAllEdges on the surfaces and Patch the edges there - I used 20 by 20 spans here, you can get away with fewer, I’d say. It is not a true rolling ball filet of course but it is tangent and looks better than the rolling ball solution, which is a pain to build.


Hi Pascal. So long no see…
Thanks for your help… In fact you are right. PATCH tool result on better smooth transition. That is for sure.

I was using “Sweep” and “NetworkSrf”… but the horizontal line result in a straight line. Which result in strange solid.
thanks again.

This patch isn`t a closed polysrf. And wont let me correct UV maps… This file is for a final Render purpose.
Do you know another way to go?

Hi Architex - see the attached file - all patch edges seem to join OK here.

Correct FILLET TABLE - DELETE_PG.3dm (81.9 KB)