Help on cutting a brep and closing the open edges

Hi Guys,

I need help understanding on how a brep could be cut in grasshopper. I have attached the file and image under for your reference. The idea is to cut the vertical member exactly under the horizontal member and since the width is differnt I want to taper it . Also once it is cut I want to close it off with a similar thickness of a surface on a flat surface so it looks clean from outside. Thanks!

brep (11.6 KB)

Is this what you’re after?

This could be done more simply with Pufferfish (or other plug-ins) but I only used native components.

brep (16.1 KB)


This is exactly what I was looking except the only thing I want is to close the tapered end completely. I will try to do it.

Also you mentioned it’s faster to do it in pufferfish. If possible could you please explain how as I have never used that plugin. Thanks!

I just meant it could be done with fewer components. This version uses Pufferfish and the vertical piece is solid.

brep (15.4 KB)


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