Help on animated surfaces/walls - is it possible to do this on grasshopper?

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I was searching for Nursery and Quelea tutorials and I saw this video

Okay, now, here’s my question: From 00min 00:00:00 to 00:00:23 we can see kind of an animated sphere moving to the rhythm of balls inside…
Would it be possible to create an animated surface like a wall that would move that way? Kind of in a fluid way? But not a ball, only surfaces!

Thanks in advance and in case I don’t see ya… Good afternoon, good evening and good night!

Something like this? (25.3 KB)


Oh my god yes that’s the idea!!

Would it be possible to apply this on a brick wall?

It’s moving a grid of points, so yes, you could map whatever geometry you like to this grid.

Unless you mean actual masonry bricks moving like this, in which case no, I don’t think they’re usually this flexible :grin:

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Yeah I was thinking of this kind of surfaces:

Okay then hum… Could you explain me (real quick) the “moving” component on your file? Like…where’s the surface I can replace by a brick wall or whatever ? I’m trying to understand by disabling all the components but I’m having a hard time finding it

Here it is with a nurbs surface output, which you could map other geometry onto. (26.2 KB)

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Okay, thanks a lot, you’re amazing!
I’m new to this website too, is there any grade/evaluation or something? Cause you deserve the highest