Help needed with filling

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when making this ring I had troubles getting the pattern in on the sides. So when I finally did it, I was really happy but it made me overlook me putting the pattern through the roof of the ring. now i’m already way further in my process and need to know how to close everything above the line. if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated! I wanted to add the original file but it’s too big apparently.


edit: seeing as how to pattern isn’t straight, I want to fill in everything. But I still need help doing that

you would have to use either UntrimHoles or untrim and boolean the rest into the solid again. if you have trouble getting ahead, posting your file and not just images is always better to be sure to get the best help there is.

i have no idea how to post the file with the limited file size sharing unfortunately. I will try and look into the tips you posted.

The untrim seems to work at some holes, but the other ones it either does nothing or delete the whole ring, any tips on that?

using untrim holes I get pretty close but can’t seem to close these 3 holes. don’t know what else to do

i doubt that this file would have anything above 20 mb. if its part of a bigger file simply export the object in question. anyway just explode the entire thing, then untrim theser areas, adjust your boolean objects not to exceed the area you want and boolean again.

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selected exp, ring ata.3dm (1.4 MB)

here is the selected export. maybe you can have a look because i’m stumped.

ok i dont even want to explain everything i had to do to get that back together… you have split so many surfaces that it got really nasty trying to untrim. to outline the major steps i had to rescue some of the boundaries from different surfaces to be able to retrim all that… i hope that helped at least, now you can boolean that stuff again.

try to keep surfaces simple, not amending new parts back in which were part of a surface you trimmed away already before… keep it simple.

ommmmmmm.3dm (1.1 MB)

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thank you for looking at this!.