Help needed to install Lands on win10 Rhino 6

Tried to install latest Lands on my win10 computer with Rhino 6 6.1.18023.13161 but keeps getting message “Rhino 6 or Rhinoceros 5 (64 bit) Service Release 6 or newer not found on this computer” . What am I doing wrong?

Until someone comes up with a better answer, you should at least update to SR10.

Yes, however Lands looks for Rhino 6.6 or newer. So it should work.

Most of the times reinstalling Rhino solves the problem. So, yes, updating to 6.10 should help.

And some users solved it by launching the installer as administrator. It requires to run the msiexec from a symbol window launched as administrator, so it’s somewhat more advanced.

Hi @albert, FWIW, the user is currently running 6.1.

Good point, thanks!

Rhino 6.10 solved my issue. Thanks a lot