*Help needed* Sorting and Grouping Curves with Elefront - Define Object Attributes


I am trying to sort and group curves based on their Z location. I have a working definition but it is requiring me to bake out and re-reference the objects. I am hoping to achieve a similar thing with Elefront but without the need to bake/re-ref. Thank you all!

VesselSlicingTests.gh (53.1 KB)

Hi Nneufeld,

Almost there, you can use area centroids (from your contours) and sort the curves based on their Z value:

Thank you for your aid!

That will help me simplify parts of the definition. I suppose the difficulty I am really having is grouping curves based on their Z location. I was able to (in a much more roundabout way) to sort them. With the cone is doesn’t make much sense as there is only one curve at any given Z location – but with more complex geometries I am using there is. I tweaked the cone so it has an interior and exterior as an example.

VesselSlicingTests.gh (62.7 KB)

Maybe I dont get it. If you want to group them based on Z why not just not flatten the contour output?