Help needed....absolute novice

Hi guys

I primarily use Countersketch and the Rhino software came with it,what I am trying to do is make a map of my Island so I can import it in to CS so I can make jewellery with my map on it.

I have traced it out and raised it,however I now need to put a surface on it so I can make it 3d and not just like a cookie cutter,I am sure this is the simplest thing on earth to do however I have had no training on this and have only been going off online tutorials etc
I have attached the file for people to see and any advice/pointers you could give would be massively appreciated

Thanks in advance


GUERNSEY MAP.3dm (928.7 KB)

Backup and use ExtrudeCrv with Solid=Yes.

You have duplicate pairs of curves.

Also two surfaces. One looks good. The other projects beyond the curves and then folds back to the curves. A surface like that will cause problems.

You can use Cap with the good surface to create a solid.

An alternate approach for you and one I use often is to make a planar surface first using your closed curve outline using PlanarSrf. Then use ExtrudeSrf with the solid option = yes in the command line to make a solid form from the surface.