Help me simple model, rookie mistake

Hello I am trying to make an adapter for ac vents to attach ac hoses to. I used circle radius and made 5 lofts. But can figure how to create openings. I want the holes all open so air flows through. What am I doing wrong?

Use the command _Split to cut each piece with the other, and then delete the non-wanted parts.

Hello - in this case the trims are on a vertical plane as far as I can see - you can make a CutPlane from the Top view, from 0,0,0 anmd using Ortho in Y to make the plane true to the world, then use that plane to Tim away the parts of the angled ducts that you do not want.

Is that what you mean? You can also trim with a line in the Top view, snapping the same way, to 0,0,0 and Ortho.



Let me give it a try, thank you.

Trim down the middle, then surface blend the gap.

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Thank you, it worked great!