Help me,I have two questions about bongo。


(Liaolibo110) #1

1、I want to know how to do this animation, I want to control the operation of each cylinder strokeHexapod_general_AnimHexapod_general_Anim

2、An object is bound on the curve. How to control his acceleration and deceleration.
For example, the speed from 0 m / s -3 m / s -5 m / s -1 m / s.

(Luc Adriaenssen) #2

Hi China,

  1. The Stewart Plaform (or Hexapod). What a wonderful application of Invers Kinematics!
    Although the structure is not extremely complicated, some advanced technique (orienting the pivots) is required. Not for rookies.
    StewartPlatform 000.3dm (170.5 KB) shows only the structure of the axis. I leave it up to you to model the physical elements itself.
    I hope examining this theoretical scheme will give your insight in the IK-structure. Explaining in detail would take a lot, but don’t hesitate to ask the things you cannot figure out.

  2. SpeedOnCurve.3dm (50.6 KB) shows a way. Keyframes are added in-between start and.
    Manipulation of the Parameters of the constraint in these keyframes (either using the KeyframeEditor or the CurveEditor) allows control of the speed. A linear tweening makes instant acceleration or deceleration (like the sample). Use cardinal spine tweening to make transition gradual.


(Liaolibo110) #3

Thanks Luc, basically solved the problem before. There are new problems now.

Parent-child relationship can bind the camera? Let my father move the object to bring my son to camera movement, so that my animation can be through the movement of objects to understand his line of sight. Because I can not know the exact location of the camera, I can not know the camera’s motion curve in advance.

(Liaolibo110) #4

For example, a roller coaster, I set the object to move along the curve, but I think the object bound to the camera, like first-person experience animation.

(Luc Adriaenssen) #5

The camera as well as its target can be constrained to any object (its pivot that is) no matter whether its ranking in a chain (grandfather, father, child, grandchild….).
Take a look at the “Bongo View Constraints” section in Bongo’s Help file.

I used the technique in this (schematic) roller coaster model: FirstPersonView.3dm (338.3 KB)


(Liaolibo110) #6

When I just wanted to render one of the animations, I sent my son a wrong location。As shown below

(Luc Adriaenssen) #7

I think you stumbled across a bug. Indeed when the Animation limits are narrowed down IK start behaving weird. I’ll forward the issue to the developers.