Help matching indices

Hi all,

Could someone be so kind as to help me out with the attached file? I am trying to make the upper (pink) and lower (green) curves have indices such that a bulk lofting would create polysrfs as shown. There will also be a centerline (blue) curve for every pair of loftable curves, so that could be a good way to control it. I’m in a bit of a pinch timewise, so any help would be great!


dhMatchIndices_Qstn.3dm (1.4 MB)

Have a try this way. You’ll need pufferfish plugin. (24.1 KB)

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Thanks, HS_Kim, but the curves are automatically generated by GH and the upper/lower pairs don’t necessarily have matching indices (like the annotation dots in my file). I need to be able to order them somehow.

UPDATE Solved it by just passing the list of one set of indices to the other set via List Item. Thanks for the nudge!

Check this as well. (35 KB)

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