Help: It ain't cool with low-res flames :)


I made some medium res decals and put them on the mini, but with Neon they become very low res, why is that? I can’t find any settings, and I don’t think these 600 - 800 px wide images should be downsamples any way.



PS! I am just messing about with Neon to see how it handles stress and complexity and I have had some crashes, but I see that is because Rhino uses 5.8 GB of ram and my laptop has only 8. (Rendering stopped at 12 iterations, after 38 seconds… I love this!)


Here is an inverted version of the decal to show the actual reslution:


I opened that “same” file from before I added the decals and changed some material colors, and then it consumes only 1.2 GB of ram.

So how can these transparent PNG decals causing that much memory usage?

I also split the sides of the tiers, but that should not cause much harm.
I also saved small the file and saved the textures into the Rhino file, but again, that should neither cause a bigger memory usage I think… ?

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

See this thread:


Hi Andy, thanks, but this needs to be fixed, you can not hide settings all over the place and expect users to digg them up when the default settings are really bad.

To a user there is no logic that OpenGL should show the decals at a better resolution than Neon. I looked through the Neon settings and also the render settings, but I missed this. I mean, there is no logic for the user that this should be located there.

What about the memory use? Does it make sense to you that adding two small PNG’s as decals to those parts should make memory usage jump from 1.2 to 5.8 GB?

If it seems crazy to you then I can spend some time recreating the changes and see if I can duplicate it.

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Yes, I totally agree. Basically the problem is that there is something in Neon that is not fully implemented (decals) and we’re working around it.

About the memory - I’m not sure exactly - it’s possible, because what actually happens is that the entire diffuse texture gets baked. And the baked image is pretty big.


Ok, thanks.
I’ll zip up the file and send it to you so you can analyze it.

I redid most of the scene and then it just went from 1.2GB to 1.5 GB.