Help is only a click away!

After working tech and training here for 7-ish years (yes it’s been that long that I’ve been lurking about here as an employee and pseudo employee…) I’m always surprised that a lot of folks don’t know about our help system…

Any function in Rhino you want help on is a click away…

  • method 1- the help tab with and without auto update.
    show the help tab by right clicking on any open tab and making sure the help tab is checked.

type any command in the search box = help for that tool-

  • but wait there’s more!
    tick the auto update box in the help tab and you will get a real time update on each command you pick.

is that all you ask? noooooo…this is Mcneel…we are givers.

  • pick any tool or command, hit enter then hit f1… Poof! up comes the help in a browser you can dock on a 2nd monitor so you can literally get help on anything you want with a single f1 click.

orrrr… hit the chat button on our website, orrrrr call us. we’ll help. I like to remind people that our help is ACTUALLY helpful.

happy Rhinoing!


Just tried this on MAC with no luck. Is there a corollary?

command help in the inspector panels-

no f1 support for mac-

I’ve found that every time I use the built in help with Rhino it never gets me what I want. I have far better luck googling the problem. That seems to find the appropriate answer and it’s usually from McNeel! I’ve given up on F1 entirely.

any specific examples? We are always trying to improve the help docs-

My two cents on this, as a newish user is that, the help can only help you if you know the command you want to use, like, I was doing stuff the way my teacher showed to us (we had literally 45 minutes of rhino 101 and then got a semester work to do using it), once I started my internship some colleague showed me that there is 100 different ways of doing stuff, and usually there is a command that already does half the job you are doing by hand, you just don’t know how to call it yet.