Help installing Cycles

i downloaded Cycles from github. how to install?
dose it work with GH
dose it work with Rhino5? gh for rhino5?

thnx alot


If you don’t need to render in a separate window you can just start using the Raytraced view mode, which is the Cycles engine integration in the view port.

If you want to do then you can install that Cycles for Rhino plug-in you downloaded.

The GH integration I work on is in the GhShaderNodes plug-in for GH, I can upload a compiled version that should work with current Rhino WIP.

These plugins do NOT work with Rhino 5.

how can i install this.
i would love to test in WIP6 and i got the files from github… but there is no installer and no instructions of where to drop the files into rhino… which folder or just generally speaking How ?? thnx a lot… looking forward, this looks like a new era in rhino…!!!
keep it up

Just drag and drop the *.rhi from Windows Explorer on an open Rhino 6 WIP session. Have you tried that?

ok the install is working
re launched > render cycles working

would love some of this gh components to test

rock n roll

Regarding the GhShaderNodes plugin I’ll have to verify they work with the latest WIP (I generally use them on my dev machine with local builds of Rhino WIP from master). And probably some tutorial for this latest incarnation of the nodes, since some things have changed quite a bit since my previous related screencasts.

I’ll post in these forums.when I have something.ready.


Thnx can’t wait.
Is it possible to integrate with human UI?


I don’t know what Human UI is, do can’t say.

I’ve used this but @Asaf_Yaacobi will need to explain how this would be integrated…

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Recently i have started exploring human UI plug for grasshopper . I would be very powerful if the visual presentation could be a real time render

As I’m not at all familiar with cycles and beginner with UI plug … I would love to test and see if they co work together.

I have some simple component that directly draws a render session in real-time on the canvas. Currently I like it better when the season is running in Raytraced view port instead.

I can’t say yet if my Grasshopper components work well together with other plug-ins. Mine not necessarily follow all conventions…

But it would be interesting to see though

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is it possible to test?
would like to see the compatibility :slight_smile:

You can try the ZIP file I uploaded to

Note again that it is very much pre-release (i.e. don’t use on mission critical projects). You’ll notice from the icons - I have been very lazy in creating them :slight_smile:

Also note that multiple inputs into one node input doesn’t work necessarily as you’d like it - that is because I haven’t worked on that since the refactoring of the code. I can make it work again, but it isn’t on my priority list. (Again, this tool is currently for me to let me tweak the conversion graphs for Rhino to Cycles easily).

edit: I have re-uploaded the ZIP archive. It should work with the current public WIP

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I can´t find any *.rhi file in the Github folder. How do I install it?

Download the .zip file from and rename the .zip part to .rhi. You should be able to install that.

Downloaded ZIP, renamed it, draged&droppet it but

“An unexpected error has occured during installation”

my Rhino 6 WIP is the latest (from today).
Do you have any more ideas?

I made recently some changes in some code interfaces. I’ll probably have to tune up GhShaderNodes, recompile and release a newer version. I will do this in the coming three days, i.e. latest Monday.

I just posted a new .RHI for the shader nodes. Compiled against current public BETA, you can find it at

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Hey, I just wanted to try this gh-awesomeness out on the newest Rhino WIP on the Mac, however it did not seem to work… (see screenshot)
I tried installing via renaming to .macrhi and launching as well as pasting to the libraries folder…

Do you know why this is happening?

You don’t need to go outside of Rhino to get this installed. Use the command _PackageManager, select the package GhShaderNodes and install that. Then restart Rhino WIP, start Grasshopper and voilá, you have the plug-in.

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