Help in solving surfaces

i am practicing surfacing for the first time on rhino3d and have hit a road block with my project! i have no idea as to how the open space of the surface is to be approached to close it while maintaining a smooth transition. Kindly help!

Vacumcleaner surfacing.3dm (4.7 MB)

Welcome @koushiic
…your attachment did not work

Vacumcleaner surfacing.3dm (4.7 MB)

ive just re-uploaded a version thank you for your reply! and help

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does it work now?

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I can’t tell what opening you want closed. The file is slighly different from what you are showing in your examples.

@koushiic you should start here:

ive joined all the surfaces to avoid confusion and have re shared the file below! thank you for reaching out!

Vacumcleaner surfacing.3dm (4.2 MB)

thank you, buddy! I went through his videos! but was not able to work out a solution! do you know what the YouTuber is known by in the Rhino 3d forum? please let me know and thank you!


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Any luck with the file?

Hi @koushiic The file posted correctly; I did not open it .

alright,[quote=“Fred_C, post:12, topic:104808, full:true”]
Hi @koushiic The file posted correctly; I did not open it .

thank you @Fred_C. is there any advice you can give me?

Sorry, I have no advice to offer. Hopefully, you will get a response soon, considering the week-end timeframe. Cheers

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show us a sketch of what you want the result to be like. With the curves you have now in the model though, it won’t be possible to generate clean results

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This is what I want in terms of volume but cleaner at the bottom

see the attached with layer ‘rough model’: by no means a good surface model, but this is to easier explain: your side curves that go from the body to the handle force the surfaces too much to outside. If you move them a bit more inward, it will allow a smoother flow.
btw: I roughened these surfaces out quickly with XNurbs for Rhino, which is unfortunately not available on mac, but it is just an illustrative file for the shape only.

Vacumcleaner surfacing (1).3dm (5.2 MB)


wow!! this is perfect! thank you so much! i really owe it to you @Gijs! thank you so much! just a small problem! i tried joining all the surfaces but it still says open polysurface! any idea on how to fix it? this is so that i can use is at a solid body to work on in fusion 360!

Ehh… well I warned you it’s a rough surface and far from perfect…I used very loose tolerances to get smoother surfaces but that also means less accurate.

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is there a way it can be done? just a closed surface! coz from where i am i am no way close you closing it! i know I’m already asking for alot! i tried to bite too much than i can chew by trying to surface a relatively complex form for a first time! but is there anything you can do just to make it a closed poly surface/ solid? thank you so much though!!!