Help in Set up of Lighting/Env. and material using RhinoRender

Hi all,

Trying to get Rhino Render set up so that I can just bring in an
object to this file and just do like a Keyshot kind of quick render for products.

Can’t really get it to look credible… looks really flat…
Attached all the files used to render.
Also couldn’t get why the flat panel lighting direction is not perpendicular
to the created rectangle…

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Render_Studio_.3dm (467.4 KB)

Office desk 2K.renv (5.7 MB)

Eames_Prouve_wood.rmtl (71.9 KB)

My main suggestion is to just use the v6 WIP starting with the default settings in the Rendering panel but in v5 I would say turn on the Skylight in either the Sun panel or Options>Document Properties>Rhino Render. This will use your HDR for the skylight. Also up your anti-aliasing while you’re there for sharper diagonal lines. The Rectangle lights appear to have been sheared at some point with the Shear command which is why the target is shifted from 90. Use the Target command line option when creating Rectangular lights and I think you’ll like the manipulation of them via control points better. Lastly, Rhino Render doesn’t have indirect illumination which means light doesn’t bounce between surfaces. Due to that, you can use a low light to fake it as I have in the v5 version below. You can also adjust the intensity in the Properties panel when the light is selected.
v5 Rhino Render set up…

I also set it up in v6 for you if you have the WIP…

Render_Studio_v6_bjames.3dm (647.4 KB)
Render_Studio_v5_bjames.3dm (643.0 KB)

I also tweaked the intensity and saturation of the HDR you’re using a little in both example files. I hope this helps, You might also find that the default Rendered mode in the v6 WIP is all you need. The skylight shadows there are really nice now… IMO

@brianJ Thank you for the advise. I’ll work on V5 to get to know it better than go into the V6 as it does seem much better.
I’ll try importing the file V6 to know what kind of changes occur in the material and such.
V6 does look much better…

No problem.

Another difference between v5 and v6 WIP is that v6 will embed any texture maps used in 3dm by default if you plan to move your set up template between computers. In v5 you need to check the option to embed prior to saving the 3dm in Options>Doc Props>Rendering… or check the Save Textures check box in the Save As dialog.

I was going through your steps and I just had HDRI and skylight on.
It seems the skylight is quite bright, and also d uring th rendered view port the render is black
using V5.
Am I missing something? Also I couldn’t changing the intensity of the skylight…
Will go on any try using the V6.

This will change with the HDRI used and the materials applied. Adjustment will be needed in most cases as you decide what looks best. Use either the Skylight power in the Render settings or the HDR multiplier in the textures settings.

I’d need to see the file with the textures embedded in it via Options>Rendering prior to saving. It may be a material from a plugin or the HDR used in the environment for instance. You didn’t have the issue with the first file you posted so I’m not sure what changed.