Help in parameterizing a wooden ceiling

Hi everyone! how are they?
I need a little help on this file, I’ve been a long time trying to do the following:
I need to make a roof like the one inside the same file, but being able to edit the thickness of each table and also the spacing, I also don’t know how you can change the direction of each of the planes of the triangles and be able to edit them,
I hope you can help me!! Thank you very much!!!

EJ-01.3dm (12.1 MB) (7.6 KB)

Try to do at least something, and ask for help in case of insurmountable obstacle

  1. This is not a do-my-work-for-me group

I have the advanced file, but I did not know how to move forward, I am not asking you to do it, just tell me how to continue, I uploaded the files as a reference, thanks anyway

This is a bit what I have, and I want to do what appears in the purple image, but I don’t know how to close the lines and then extrude the “wood”

okay, there are many ways to do this. For example:
EJ-01(1).gh (14.0 KB)

And trimmed version :
EJ-01(1)(1).gh (16.4 KB)

edit: I forgot to delete split brep in the end, get rid of it

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Don’t create duplicate topics please.

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Perfect! Thank you very much, I will continue investigating!
thank you very much for your help!

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