Help in Curvy Object

Hi All,

I need to relearn making a quality curves so that I can make a quality surface…
I was thinking if the curves are G1,G2 at intersections, the surface would naturally turn out ok.
But guess not…

Can anyone help out? What surface creation tool sweep, networksrk, etc… could produce best results?


CurvyShape.3dm (413.6 KB)

I was working with closed curve for the cross section, but putting the cross section right on the longer curves was bit difficult and decided to split the cross section curves.

Hi Toshiaki

I used sweep 2 command, but before that I cutted all curves to 2 loops.
I don’t know is that result satisfied you.

CurvyShape t1.3dm (706.1 KB)

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@Toshiaki_Takano Join the directional curves and NetworkSrf is your friend:

CurvyShape_edit.3dm (338.1 KB)

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Hello -It depends on what ‘quality’ means. When it comes to surfacing, generally, ‘quality’ would imply simple structure, good clean progressive curvature graphs, matching structures where curves are to be combined to make surfaces… and also some arrangement that makes sense with the object to be modeled. If you split the curves on the locations that make your surfaces so far, you get this, for a point layout:

If you are looking to make a blob, then NetowrkSrf may be just fine here - if you are looking to make a particular blob, and surface quality is one of the criteria, then you will need to think more about just what the shape is, and what curves are best from a surfacing point of view.



Thank you all for your help.
I think for now using NetworkSrf is best option.

But, as Pascal said, I would like to learn making a particular blob.
Is there any good tutorial around making curves for these kind of surfaces?
->I’d like to learn what kind of thought process I need to go through to
create curves that are from surfacing point of view. What is key point in making a good curve for good surface.

look at Sky Greenawaldt’s video series here:


Hi @theoutside
The tutorial was quite helpful. Thanks!
Though not sure I’m doing it right, at least feels like heading the right direction…

TIP_that_comes to a point.3dm (582.4 KB)

still having some places where I’d like to fix(yet don’t know how yet)

Hello - a couple of things - one, set the analysis mesh much finer - set Initial grid quads to 5000 in the detailed mesh controls from Zebra > Adjust Mesh

two, simplify the surfaces - nice zebra is much easier with fewer control points- I removed knots, removed multi-knots, and made uniform here (RemoveKnot RemoveMultiKnot MakeUniform plus some MatchSrf) -

still a lot of control points

but it gets a little better.


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wow! looks much better!
any chance you still have the file?

I’ll try removemultiknot and makeuniform.
I have’t tried makeuniform, what does it do exactly?