Help, I'm Bewildered! reverse/transform curves back to text

Ok, so I’m kinda feeling nuts over here. And I’m definetly stuck. So, I evidently converted all the text in my diagram to curves and I need them to go back to the original truetype font. I cannot find anything to guide me toward a solution and I really don’t want to reenter all the text.

I’ve been able to group them back together but they arent converted back to text when I do so.

There has to be a way, and I pray someone can help quick!

Thank you all!


Sorry to say there is none in Rhino, once you have converted your text to curves, they have no memory of ever being text, so that info is gone for good. So I don’t have any miracle solutions for you unfortunately.


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in case you have a serious amount of text you can use OCR text recognition. you would have to save it as a pdf or illustrator file first also raster files should work. maybe the text needs to be hatched for it and not sure how accurate the font type gets identified but at least you would have the text back and could assign a new font in an eyeblink. now if thats faster than quickly adding all the text again i am not sure.

How many levels of undo can you go back with? What about reverting to a previous version?

If you exploded, saved and closed there is not much you can do other then re add the text…

If it was never closed you can copy your model to the clip board, undo everything until you get back to were your text went to curves. Group everything you want to keep and hide, delete the rest and re paste what you copied to the clip board, If your careful you’ll be ok/ I tend to do this more often then I would like to admit.